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April 20, 2011:
Updated. Some ranking report software like AWR has begun to react to changes in Google Places listings.


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Free Ranking Report Tools Include:
Google Webmaster Tools will show you where your site was for certain queries, and even shows which terms resulted in clicks.
Mike’s Marketing Tools – One of the Originals! http://www.mikes-marketing-tools.com/ranking-reports/
Self SEO http://www.selfseo.com/serp_check.php

Paid Ranking Report Software Includes:

IBP http://www.ibusinesspromoter.com/
AWR http://www.advancedwebranking.com/
Web Position (AKA Web Position Gold) http://www.webposition.com/

Most free website ranking report systems will only check the top 40 rankings, or top 4 pages in the major engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ranking report software can be configured to look for search results in secondary engines like Ask, Lycos, Altavista, Dogpile, and Hotbot. Additionally, you can check international versions of search engines if your site does business around the world or is hosted elsewhere. Most of the time, it is best to run reports weekly or monthly instead of daily, since results take time to settle in search engines, although “real time” results are popular for sites that have fresh and original news content. Even though Google and Bing have gotten faster at finding websites and placing them into the results pages, it can still take several months of dedicated search engine optimization and link building to achieve a measurable result .

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Make sure your computer is compatible with the ranking report software, and you have the search engine API keys to make bulk searches. Also, you may want to use a proxy to prevent personalized or localized results from providing information that is not seen by everyone.